quick istikhara on tasbeeh.” Istikhara is a way of knowing You are on a right path in every matter of our life. But different astrologer tell different methods of doing istikhara some are difficult to do, some are very lengthy. People want easy and quick method to do Istikhara. Today I am going to tell you some Easy and Quick Istikhara methods.


Easy and Quick Istikhara methods

Write Allah’s name “AR-RAHEEM” in a blank white paper and keep it under your pillow. Then recite “ALLAHUMA ARINI BAYBARKATI HAZIHIL ISMAYE FI MANAMI MA URIDO”. And then sleep on that pillow in shaa Allah you will see whatever you want to know. If you don’t see anything then wait because ALLAH will plan for you something better.
Recite 11 times durood e pak then recite YA BADEEOL AJAIB YA KASHIF UL GHARAIB 1100 times. Then sleep on neat and clean place. Before doing this take fresh bath, and wear neat clothes and apply perfume( ittar without alcohol). Wazifa to Get Power and Dominance

quick istikhara on tasbeeh

Put the above mentioned naqsh (see how to write a naqsh) under your pillow and then sleep on that pillow. The place where you sleep must be clean in shaa Allah you will know the answer of your every question or doubt in dream. Wazifa Solve Your Problems With Allah Name

On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after esha salat recite “bismillah ir rahman niraheem” 300 times. Then recite surah alam nashra with bismillah 17 times. Now blow on your mouth and chest with the help of hand. And pray to ALLAH for that work which you want to do or know the result. After doing this recite this durud sharif 100 times “ALLAHUMA SALLAY ALA SAYYIDINA MUHAMMADIN BAY ADADIN MALOOMIN”. Now sleep inn shaa Allah talah within these 3 days you will know the answer.

In the state of ablution wearing clean clothes recite surah shams, surah lail and surah ikhlaas seven seven times each surah. Then pray to ALLAH for your purpose inn shaa Allah on that night you will know the result. If you don’t see anything in dream then do the same process for seven days. Within seven days you will get the answer.
If you want to know that what is in the heart of other person related to you. Write and put this naqsh under your pillow.


Consult One before Performing any dua, wazifa or amal mention in our website. Because problem of every one is different according to that solution may also be change.

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