Strong Wazifa to Get Pregnant After marriage every parents wish to have their child as soon as possible, Because when a child comes into life of a parents, they family becomes complete. But as we all know that this is world and this is not possible to get everything. Some couples face a very bad situation of not becoming parents. In this case it is more difficult for female to face the world. Every body ask her about the pregnancy, and she tries to hide her face. Pregnancy Dua Aulad Hone Ka Wazifa is for such couples who are have trouble to become parents. If all medical reports are ok and still you are not becoming pregnant. Then do this wazifa and get pregnant in shaa Allah. Hamal ki Hifazat ka Taweez

Pregnancy Dua Aulad Hone Ka Wazifa

Buy 1 Kg Sesame Seeds Black (Siyah Til). do fresh wadu and recite Surah Yaseen 1 time with darood ibrahimi 11 times before and 11 times after. Now blow on these Sesame Seeds and take one tea spoon before breakfast and one before sleeping. Start eating after you complete your menses, and keep eating till next menses. Now when you complete your next menses periods recite Surah Muzammil 11 times. Darood ibrahimi 11 times before and 11 times after and blow on Cow milk. Now do a fast (roza) and break the fast with this milk. Do Intercourse at night. Dua Wazifa for Safe Pregnancy

Should not do intercourse whole month. Must do it at the night when you drink milk. In shaa Allah after doing this Pregnancy Dua Aulad Hone Ka Wazifa you will become pregnant. If you wish to have a baby boy check this wazia Powerful Tested Wazifa to Have Baby Boy

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