summun bukmun umyun fahum layarjiun ka wazifa.” This is perhaps the most powerful wazifa to make somebody stop talking. Means if somebody turns into your enemy regardless of whats ever the reason is. Presently you need to dispose of this enemy at that point discussing Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun will make him disappear.

On the off chance that we see this ayet in subtleties word by word, we can all the more likely get it. summun bukmun umyun fahum layarjiun ka wazifa

Summun – (Deaf; in need of a hearing aide; distracted). Means they will become hard of hearing regardless of they tune in or not however they resemble a hard of hearing individual.

Bukmun – (Dumb; stunned; quiet). It doesn’t imply that they can not talk. It implies they will stop slandering or speaking awful about you. or then again even they can talk however they won’t talk.

‘Umyun – (Blind; incapable to see) It implies they will get visually impaired. They have eyes , they can see everything except for they become daze, they can not see you.

Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun

For your foes recount this ayet multiple times after each salat and envision your enemy and blow on him. do this 7 days in shaa Allah with 1 day you see start chagings.

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