What Is Taweez & Benefits ,” Taweez is a islamic Pendant that is very powerfull, if you wear taweez with proper guidance then the taweez can solve your all life problems. It is generally worn by most Sufis as well as a minority of Muslims. And the belief is that it will help remove and protect the wearer from any evil or affliction. That may be brought upon them through black magic. Not only that, but it is also believed to bring good luck.


Taweez to make someone love you

nachundi itwar ko is naqush ko likhhe aur apne din bazo per band le. Inshllah mehboob ke dil me na khatam hone wali muhabat pada ho ji ge. Write this tlisam on sunday of a new month in the first week and put it on your arm. And endless love will capture the heart of your lover.





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